Ology eBooks

Electronic books, also known as eBooks, are publications available in digital form for use on computers, smartphones, and other digital devices. Ologyonline is a leading publisher of online eBooks.

History of eBooks

The concept of electronic books has been around since 1930, when Bob Brown dreamed of a machine that would "allow us to keep up with the vast volume of print available today and be optically pleasing." Brown came up with the idea after watching his first "talkie," which was an early term for a movie with sound. The "readie" machine Brown envisioned would allow readers to adjust the size of the printed type, avoid paper cuts, and even save trees.

Many innovative people contributed to the modern eBook. A teacher from Spain, "ngela Ruiz Robles, patented the first electronic book reader in her country in 1949. That same year, Roberto Busa began indexing the works of Thomas Aquinas; a CD-Rom version